How to Leverage Digital Marketing as a Small Business Owner

There is Hope for Small Businesses

            The large corporations of Dallas and Fort Worth seem to control commerce throughout the metroplex. Most small businesses throughout DFW seek to make a name for themselves with little to no success. These businesses want to compete with the big dogs, but they simply do not have the budget or resources to do so. Small businesses in the metroplex of Dallas and Fort Worth have this notion wrong. There is hope! And with the right marketing plan in place, this hope can actually become reality. 

So, what is this plan and why is nobody talking about it?

            This plan is called digital marketing and people are starting to talk about it. The internet has been around for a while but based on expert opinions, the internet is still in its infancy. With over half the world’s population online, your business has a clear opportunity in front of it. By leveraging the power of Google and Social Media, your company has the chance to not only grow, but become dominant both locally and across the globe. Google places priority on small businesses. Let’s say you are a dentist in Southlake and you have a great digital marketing campaign running. When someone from the area searches, “dentist near me” in Google, they would see your company first and most likely contact you! Google’s Survey reports that 85% of people who finds a local business’s website on google will contact or visit that business within the next 24 hours. That is a pretty encouraging statistic! Now you need to figure out how to grow your business’s online presence! 

What are your options to grow your online presence to unmatchable levels?

            As a business owner, you probably do not have the time to learn something as complex as digital marketing. Instead, you are better off focusing on other priorities within your business. So, here are your best 2 options to grow your business to incredible levels with digital marketing: 

  1. Hire a digital marketing agency. There are multiple reasons why this is a great option. The first being the agency’s expertise. Proven Digital Marketing Agencies understand exactly what needs to be done to take your business to the next level online. From Keyword Research, Content Marketing, On-Site SEO, and ultimately getting leads, a digital marketing agency has got you covered. Digital marketing agencies are also a good deal cheaper than option #2.
  2. Hire an in-house digital marketer. I do not necessarily recommend this option because digital marketers typically only specialize in 1 aspect of digital marketing. If you want to get every aspect of digital marketing to be taken care of at the highest level, you will need to hire multiple in-house workers. This will run your bank account dry with little certainty about of your return of investment. 

So, what digital marketing agency should you go with? 

            If you are located near Southlake, Texas, we would love for you to trust us with your digital marketing. At RankNow Marketing, our digital marketing experts have worked on some of the best digital marketing campaigns since the internet came out. We service businesses in Grapevine, Hurst, Colleyville, North Richlands Hills, and of course, Dallas and Fort Worth! If you have any questions regarding digital marketing or if you would like to get started with RankNow Marketing. Please fill out our contact or sign-up forms! You are also welcome to call us at 817-291-1463! 

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