How the Emergence of Digital Marketing can help your Business

            If you’ve been keeping up with my daily dose of digital marketing news, you already know some incredibly valuable information. You know that over half of the world’s population is online! You know that leveraging a digital marketing agency as a small business owner is a must! But most importantly, you understand that the emergence of the internet gives your business limitless potential if you begin running extensive digital marketing. 

So, what areas of digital marketing are the most lucrative for your small business? 

Pay Per Click Advertising

For smaller marketing budgets ($800+) needing a quick return, I recommend Paid Advertisement through a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. Running PPC campaigns might seem like a foolish option when you have a small marketing budget, but it is actually very smart. Pay Per Click campaigns typically give companies instant leads and a return on investment. Let’s say a car sales man runs a PPC campaign with a $1,000 ad spent budget and he gets 10 people calling and sells a car to half of the people calling. If he makes $2,000 profit off of each car, he multiplied his return by 10! Pay Per Click campaigns can be accomplished through Google or various social media platforms. Our experts at RankNow Marketing can manage your company’s PPC campaigns for as low as $299 each month!

Search Engine Optimization

            For companies with a mid-size budget who are in it for the long run, I recommend an SEO campaign.  SEO stands for search engine optimization. The goal of Search Engine Optimization for RankNow Marketing is to rank your company’s website on the first page for phrases that your target customers are searching. Typically, SEO campaigns take at least 6 months to start seeing great results. This is a great long-term marketing strategy for your company’s website because the longer you run SEO, the more traction your website gains on Google. Think of running SEO like a snow ball rolling down a hill. At first, the snow ball is small. As the snow ball keeps going down the hill, it is getting bigger and going faster. SEO is the same way! At RankNow Marketing, we specialize in providing our clients with customized SEO plans in order for them to beat out their competitors online.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is another incredible way to boost your companies brand recognition as well as your following. You can bootstrap the social media marketing or let an experienced digital marketing agency take the reins if you have a mid-size budget. At RankNow Marketing, we offer multiple social media marketing plans to really boost your online presence. But if you do not have the budget to go with one of our plans, posting shareable and relevant content daily will grow your social following to incredible numbers. Giveaways are another great way to get the word out. You can also redirect your social following to your website through posts and your bio. This will really help your business take off! 

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