How Can PPC Help Your Business

How Can PPC Help Your Business: The Basics

PPC, pay-per-click advertising is one of the most accessible and popular forms of online advertising today. PPC can help small businesses reach more people looking for a specific product, service, or solution. It may be one of the most important forms of online advertising for a small business thats trying to grow.

PPC can help you grow by targeting the 10-20% of customers that click on the top paid search results which show up on a search engine. Campaigns can target direct sales or brand awareness across many different platforms and typically come with in-depth reporting and analytics to show your ROI.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC, also known as pay-per-click is a type of advertising that helps drive targeted traffic to your site or landing page using a cost-effective budget.

Using PPC, you only get charged when someone clicks on your advertisement and goes to your site or page. It can help businesses that have a smaller or tighter budget save money.

Here's some of the advantages and reasons to use PPC.

PPC is Budget Friendly and Cost Effective

Since you only pay for clicks on targeted searches, keywords, and potential displays - you're able to control your budget a little more than impressions.

That way you don't waste money on people that don't engage with your ads.

Tracking PPC Analytics is Easy

PPC platforms, most notably Google Ads, offers extensive backend data for your campaigns so any ROI is easily measurable and transparent.

It's also easy to change or adjust a PPC campaign. Whether you need to change the targeting, budget, or end page it's fairly easy to do so.

It can be helpful if your campaigns aren't getting results and need to be changed.

PPC Works Well With SEO

Having a tag team approach is great for marketing and PPC works well with SEO.

Typically your SEO and PPC share keywords or similar targeting methods and both can be improved by seeing what keywords are best performing currently.

If you're getting a lot of traffic by SEO, you'll be able to see which keywords are most valuable and target them with an SEO campaign.

If your PPC is getting results, you can target similar keywords in your SEO campaign.

Also, since SEO takes time and PPC works fast, they both work to balance each other out in terms of timelines.

Will PPC Work For You?

Generally, PPC can work for lots of businesses. However, not all will see a positive ROI or the same great results. There are some factors to consider.

Are People Searching For Your Business?

If SEO will work for you, then PPC can work for you. but if people aren't searching for your products, services, or business then it might not be a great fit for you.

All businesses generally will have keywords related to what they are selling. You need to determine the right keywords your customers are buying from and target those with a good ad and great landing page for optimal results.

Go Local

Targeting local populations can help keep your costs low and your conversions higher. Since targeting nationwide can cost a lot, you'll want to be aware of where your customers are at and target appropriately.

Have A Solid Budget

You don't need an infinite budget, but you do need one high enough to show if you can get results or not with PPC.

Having too low of a budget spent in a month on PPC may be an inconclusive test for whether or not PPC could work for your business.

Spending too much can just be wasting money without getting results.

Hire a Pro

If you want to do Pay Per Click Advertising for your business but aren't sure how to handle it, consider hiring a freelance, business, or agency to help you get great results.

At RankNow Marketing we have great experience creating and running well performing PPC campaigns for small businesses.

We can help you get the most out of your investment.

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