Pool Company Prevails

One of the most cutting-edge aspects in business today is the ability to meet a customer’s wants and needs through customized services. Established over twenty years ago in Texas- this family owned and operated business satisfies customers through personalized design and construction to any outdoor space. Through tailored services, this pool company specializes in pool, spa, and outdoor living design and construction. With more people wanting their own personalized twist to their backyard, the company saw the potential to grow and increase the number of high-quality leads in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and ultimately boost the company’s yearly revenue. The client asked RankNow Marketing Agency to initiate a full-scale customizable marketing campaign. The majority of marketing agencies only offer set in stone packages for prospective clients but we stuck with our roots by being flexible and created a plan for exactly what this luxury pool construction company longed-for on the marketing front. This creative marketing approach included a blend of Search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing and advertising, website maintenance and hosting, and reputation management. The combination of services generated a massive number of local leads that came from older, more established homeowners in the DFW area which was our target market.

Through extensive marketing research and collaboration with this luxury pool construction company, RankNow’s social media marketing team pioneered a variety of social media platform campaigns to surpass the client’s monthly goal in lead generation:

Month #1: 19 leads

Month #2: 51 leads

According to this information from month one to month two there was a 169% increase in leads through social media avenues. With the uptick on social media leads this has helped lay the foundation down for this pool construction company heading into 2022 for more leads and a higher expectation is forecasted in the lead generation success.

Since RankNow took charge of the marketing efforts for this client the overall results and business leads there was the observation in remarkable growth in month one to month two:

Month #1: 50 Total Leads

Month #2: 121 Leads

Through our efficient and effective marketing campaign, this pool construction company saw a major increase of 141% in lead generation from month one to month two.

RankNow Marketing takes pride in our innovative approach to search engine optimization and we are proud to see such a massive increase in website visitors from month one to month two.

Month #1: 882 website visitors

Month #2: 1,226 visitors

As seen in these statistics, there has been a 39% increase in website traffic. We are proud to say that our efforts have landed the client 18 keywords on the first page of Google!

Since partnering with this luxury pool construction company, they have seen major success in lead generation and website traffic. RankNow strives for excellence in quality work and positive results and this pool construction company is overwhelmingly excited for future accomplishments as we continue working together!