E-Com Case Study: 172% Organic Revenue Growth

This family and veteran owned, and operated e-commerce business offers personalized and handcrafted oak barrels that are specially designed for aging and mellowing rum, whiskey, bourbon, tequila, brandy, and wine.

This ecommerce client had consistent traffic on their website, but the main issue was having consumers visiting the website with buyers’ intent.

According to the ecommerce client, their previous marketing efforts did a great job attracting online visitors to the website but the engagement those visitors had with their products was limited. Since a large majority of their website visitors were not directly looking to purchase their product, the bounce rate percentage for this ecommerce site was extremely high. Due to the lack of interest on the website, these visitors weren’t converting at the rate that this ecommerce client needed.

We came up with a detailed SEO campaign that cultivated a wide range of keywords to rank. After implementing our plan for a few months, our efforts generated leads from high-quality website visitors who are searching to purchase products that the client sells!

Over a seven-month period there was a noticeable increase in website visitors since RankNow took charge and implemented our SEO marketing plan:

From May 2021 to December 2021, our client’s website traffic increased by 37.31%. To further back up these statistics, the number of purchases grew 172% since RankNow partnered with this client.

Yes, the holiday season did play a part in the success and uptick in completed sales for this client, but through technical work and preparing for the holidays, RankNow helped score 150+ ranked keywords in the top three for competitive industry keywords with buyers’ intent.

Being able to fulfill a need for this e-commerce client by innovating a simple marketing strategy is something that RankNow specializes in! Our effective SEO strategy helped rank our client’s e-commerce website for keywords that paved the way for new customers and more overall sales.