The Top 10 Reasons why you need a Digital Marketing Agency in 2020 and Beyond:

Your Company’s Growth is the objective, and marketing is outlet. But what exactly is business marketing becoming in 2020 and beyond. The primary objective for marketing is to find where the attention of the consumer resides and put your business’s product or service there. Around 70 years ago, radio and newspapers controlled the consumers attention. Then came to the television set and with-it commercials rose to prominence. Next, we saw the internet come into the scene. Banner ads and pop-ups became the best way to advertise. The internet changed the marketing world, but where are we now and where is marketing headed?

Here are the top 10 reasons why you need a digital marketing agency in 2020 and beyond:

  1. Digital Marketing is typically the cheapest of the marketing options with the highest average ROI of any marketing effort.
  2. The internet (Social Media included) is the only platform where over half of the world’s population resides. To be exact, the number of active internet users is estimated at 3.9 billion.
  3. Traditional Marketing Methods are often overpriced with no accurate way of measuring ROI. A digital marketing firm provides their clients with up to date ROI tracking! No more worrying about flushing your money down the drain.
  4. Growing your brand online will ensure long-term stability. Think about it, if you have 100,000 monthly website visitors and 200,000 people following you on social media. Your company’s online presence isn’t going anywhere. You will have more people to sell to who are already interested in your product or service. Not to mention that if they share your business on their personal social media accounts and let’s say all your followers average 200 followers on their social media. Your online reach for a campaign or giveaway would in theory be around 40 million people seeing your company’s offer! Not convinced yet?
  5. Running your company’s Social Media through proven experts who know how to create enticing content that drives likes and followers will allow your page to blow-up to incredible numbers.
  6. The top digital marketing agencies understand the importance of keyword research and how implementing those keywords into search engine optimized content will get your target consumer clicking on your website after finding your site on Google!
  7. Once the digital marketing agency has grown your online presence to incredible levels, you can send our new products or services to your email list and money will be made on auto-pilot.
  8. Digital Marketing Firms understand the trends of where the marketing world is headed. RankNow Marketing has experts that your business’s future marketing success will be decided on what you choose to do with leveraging the internet and social media.
  9. Your competitors are using a digital marketing agency, why are you waiting? There are so many industries that have not caught on to the power of a digital marketing agency and what it can do for your company’s growth. Be the first to adapt to the future of marketing and you will be setting your company up for future success!
  10. Digital Marketing Agencies will drive your company tons of leads and new customers over time. That is, if they know what they are doing. There are hundreds of digital marketing agencies that will tell you all sorts of things but ultimately don’t get results for your business.

What digital marketing agency should you go with?

There are hundreds of self-proclaimed digital marketing gurus online who will tell you to work with them but generally speaking, they will not bring your business great results. That’s why RankNow Marketing went out and hired the industry leading experts in digital marketing. Our office headquarters are located in Southlake, Texas but we also service clients all over Texas.

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